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Patients Stories

Holistic and Personal

"I'm a musician and was having a lot of discomfort in my hands and neck. Jerry was the first person I saw who did more than just address the symptoms. Jerry actually provided a cure by teaching me how to re-teach my body to move correctly. All my work is directly in front of me -- playing the piano or sitting at the computer. My body was out of the habit of doing bigger, more open movements and I was caving inward. Jerry gave me exercises that help me keep my shoulders back, open my chest and increase the flexibility and extension of my arms. I've become a better piano player because of these exercises and I do them every day before practice and before a gig. One thing I really like is Jerry's holistic and personal approach. He really is interested in addressing your specific needs, and he draws from his knowledge of massage and deep tissue trigger points, Pilates, yoga, anatomy, physical therapy and chiropractic."

- Dan Shure, professional musician, Eliot, Maine

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