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Patients Stories

Standing Like a Stork

"Because I have scoliosis and had a spinal fusion as a kid, I've been seeing chiropractors for years. It was always, 'Bend, bend, bend. There you go. See you in a month.' Just mechanical maintenance. Jerry's approach is completely different. He's more holistic and doesn't focus only on my spine. He's a movement specialist and that's important to me. Sometimes you become so used to a way of being that it doesn't even occur to you that it's uncomfortable. Jerry made me aware of how labored a lot of my movement was. For instance, I was startled when he showed me that I had terrible balance. But in just one session working with him, I was rock solid, standing on one foot like a stork. What I find delightful about Jerry is that he is curious and intrigued, and he shares information with you like you truly need to
have it."

- Dree Sherry, Stratham, special needs teacher

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