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Patients Stories

No "5-year Plan"

"I've been a yoga teacher and dancer for many years, so I was surprised when my back started bothering me. Jerry showed me that I wasn't using my abdominal muscles as effectively as I should and that I was throwing out my coccyx (tailbone). He taught me in two visits a few exercises and new habits that alleviate the problem completely. I really like that he talks about the few number of visits you will have with him rather than the '5-year plan' you may get from other practitioners. I also like his vast technical knowledge and his sense of humor. When I asked him, 'Why is this happening to me?' he just looked at me, deadpan, and said, 'Because you are so good at it.' He meant our bodies learn certain habits and keep returning to them unless we consciously change."

- Sallie Sharpless, owner, Riverroad Yoga, Eliot, Maine

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