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Patients Stories

Incredible Learning Experience

"I had a neck injury when I was young and had headaches almost daily. I also had a lot of work-related pain in my legs and back. I thought I might have to give up hiking which was scary because I thrive on exercise. I went to see Jerry Hyman because someone told me he did more than chiropractic manipulation; that he worked with your muscles and helped you correct habits of movement you created over a lifetime. When he does manipulations, he's incredibly gentle and works with you in such a way that your muscles can relax. He also knows lots of different ways to make the same adjustment. But I think he prefers to teach you how to help yourself, how to break the habit of going to a chiropractor. What amazes me about Jerry is his perception. He doesn't miss anything. He'll have you doing your work on whatever gizmo he's got. You think you're doing it right, but he sees subtle things that make a huge difference. It's been an incredible learning experience. I used to think of muscles in isolated groups, but now I understand how everything works together."

- Deborah Fisher, Portsmouth Upholstery Co., Eliot, Maine

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