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Patients Stories

Finding the Balance

"I was walking my dog when I took a really tremendous fall on the ice, hurting my right hip, pelvis and right hamstring. Physical therapy focused on trying to fix one thing at a time, and nothing seemed to stay fixed. After a year, it still hurt. Then I went to see Jerry Hyman. The first session he did a couple of adjustments and taught me an exercise to do while riding in the car. I noticed immediately the pain wasn't as sharp as it had been. Within three weeks I was essentially pain free. Jerry helped me realize that I was letting my left side do all the work. He gave me a variety of exercises to do at home that got my right side working while keeping me in balance. Nine times out of ten, I can feel the exercises are doing something good for my body. Jerry never just says: 'Sore hip, exercise number 5.' He's phenomenal."

- Susan Shepcaro, Rye, NH

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