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Patients Stories

Careful Awareness

"When I'm not working, I am dancing or gardening. I do all three intensely. I expect my body to have a high level of functioning. So when trigger-point injections and traditional physical therapy failed to resolve a hamstring injury, my father's chiropractor recommended I see Jerry Hyman. Jerry's approach is not to see you three or four times a week, but to actually give you the exercises and education you need to heal yourself. I like that. He gave me exercises in small manageable bits that I could do throughout the day instead of spending 45 minutes at a time with many repetitions. The exercises all involve very careful awareness of the body and what it needs to operate properly. Doing them correctly makes a big difference. With Jerry's well-thought-out balance of adjustments, a little massage, and careful physical therapy, I've gotten back 95 percent of my full hamstring use."

- Suzanne (last name withheld upon request)

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