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Patients Stories

A Good Person

"I went to Jerry because I couldn't walk without losing my balance. My posture had been affected by a bad back injury 20 years ago, and then major breast reduction surgery and breast cancer. When you have large breasts you roll your shoulders forward. Jerry helped me put my shoulders back into their sockets. He also helped me with one foot that turned in. He made me aware of a lot of things I was doing, but also aware that I could treat myself. I need to tell you how good he is as a person as well as a chiropractor. I went to see Jerry one day when I was in an emotionally unhealthy state. I had gone through eight surgeries. I didn't want to be at the appointment. But he just sat me down, pulled up a chair so our knees were touching. He talked to me for half an hour and got me straightened out emotionally. He just cares about people and about making them well."

- Lorraine Smith, child care provider, Eliot, Maine

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