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Notes on Jerry

Peer Comments

Enjoy every moment

"When Jerry was a consultant for our most difficult cases, I watched him work with stroke patients the medical system had given up on; patients the average chiropractor would not have treated. With a rehabilitative approach, he was able to improve their quality of life. Jerry thinks outside the box. He has studied widely, both here and in Europe, and has a deep wealth of diversified knowledge and techniques that he integrates into his practice. He's also just one of the most exceptionally warm, wonderful, kind -- and witty -- human beings I know. Not only do you learn a lot from him, you enjoy every moment."

- Gary Globe, MBA, DC, Provost and Dean, Cleveland Chiropractic College

"Feel what I feel"

"I was a post-graduate student of Jerry's in the 1990s and learned a lot from him about clinical assessment and management in rehabilitation. For manual assessment techniques he used to tell us, 'Don't do what I do; feel what I feel.' He is passionate about getting to the root cause of a person's dysfunction and helping them find long term relief and functional stability. And that's what he taught us -- to listen very well, to never rush things, and to look deeply at what might be causing chronic pain and what can be done about it beyond prescribing a pill, offering a massage or providing a manual technique."

- Craig Morris, DC, DACRB; Chair of Manual Medicine & Manipulation Committee, American Back Society

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