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Core Beliefs

"We must be the change we seek." — Mahatma Gandhi

Jerry Hyman's practice is guided by four core beliefs:

Everything is connected

Joints, muscles, nerves and respiration are equally important in maintaining healthy, safe movement. In addition, what happens in one part of the anatomy affects the whole anatomy, as do social, environmental and emotional conditions.

Awareness precedes control

Imbalances and unsafe habits of movement must be recognized before they can be changed.

Economize effort

Key to finding balance involves finding the place where the least amount of physical effort is needed, the place of highest efficiency. Economy of motion comes from self-awareness and practice. Add talent and you have a Bruce Lee punch, a Nureyev leap.

Breathing is the currency of all movement

Unconscious habits of breath—holding, shallow or forced—deeply affect the way a person moves. These habits can lead to imbalances in muscle use and, subsequently, a skewing of joints that causes pain and limits movement.

"My main goal in practice is to get the patient—who knowingly or unknowingly suffers pain from their own movements—to learn to recognize that fact and change how they move, stand, sit or breathe so they don't continue to hurt." — Jerry Hyman

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